Central Sales & Service, Inc. manufactures transponder covers, AEI tag covers, patented wheelchocks with “super” magnets, and Lilypads – specially formulated rubber pads used in protecting frogs, diamonds and bridge structures.

Condor Signal & Communications Inc. provides a total signal and communications solution for transit and rail customers in North America and Internationally.

Complete Design and Engineering
Signal Engineering & Field Installation Projects
Signal Products including Winter Protection Equipment, Signal Housings and Complete Wiring Facilities
Grade Crossing Solutions
Rail Traffic Control Office Software Solutions including:
       Centralized Traffic Control(CTC)
       Occupancy Control Systems (OTS)
       Dark Territory Control (DTC)
       Computer Aided Dispatching(CAD)
       Aumomatic Train Location Systems(ATLS)
       Train Movement Manager(TMM)

Cowin and Company, Inc.

Tunnel Construction Including Repair and Enlargement.

CTLGroup solves a broad spectrum of engineering and scientific problems for construction , transportation, minerals, and related industries. Our highly qualified and technically diverse staff provides clients with practical solutions, excellence, and value.

    Testing of ties, fastner systems, rails, rail joints
    State - of - the - art dynamic testing equipment
    Million - lb static & dynamic capacity
    Track design / construction problem solving
    On - site track system testing and instrumentation
    Vehicle component testing
    Nondestructive testing of rail bridges and systems

The Decatur Electronics Railmaster radar gun is a dedicated rail industry hand-held radar designed from our popular Scout platform. The Railmaster provides accurate speed measurements at very low speeds and also standard radar speed measurements. The Railmaster is built to withstand the rigors of the rail industry with the performance you expect from Decatur Electronics. For more information please visit our website www.decaturelectronics.com or call 1.888.428.4315

Edna A. Rice, Executive Recruiter, Inc. focuses exclusively on the rail industry. The firm specializes in all areas of the industry from presidents through first line supervisors, on both the freight and transit sides. With over twenty years of successful industry experience, Edna A. Rice will help find the job you want. Our firm prefers working on a contingency basis, being paid on performance. All of our fees are paid by the hiring company. Visit our web site to view current job opprotunities.
Serving the Rail Industry Since 1986

Manufacturers of Relay Cases, Houses, Foundations, Walkout Cantilevers, 4 Post Cantilevers, Bridge Structures, Flashing Lights, and Complete Metal Frabication.

FCM Rail, the largest Lessor of MoW equipment in North America. A full service leasing company offering programs and services tailored to meet your financial needs. With more than 50 years in the rail industry FCM develops solutions to fit your current and future needs. Tell us the equipment you want and let FCM do the rest.

GELcore LED signaling products offer benefits for the Railway and Transit market segments with solutions for wayside, grade crossing applications and features models with light-out detection. Call us for Parts, Lights, LED Signal Modules, and Specialty Lights.

Gradall Rail Maintenance Machines are capable of travel on both Rails and Pavement. Telescoping, Tilting Boom and Attachments are ideal for Cleaning Vegetation and Landslides, Demolition or Rail and Right Of Way Replacement.

HBD/Thermoid, Inc. is widely known and respected as a top-quality manufacturer of industrial rubber products, including air, automotive, bulk transfer, chemical, hand-built, marine, railroad, water and welding hose. The company also produces other standard and custom-designed rubber products such as budding strips, conveyor belting, coated rubber fabrics, ducting, power transmission belts, rubber bands and rolls/roll coverings.

Thermoid® brand products are used by thousands of industrial customers, OEMS and consumers around the world. HBD/Thermoid products serve many diverse industries and market sectors, including agriculture, aviation, basic manufacturing, construction, graphics, food processing, forestry, mining, petroleum, railroads, robotics, steel production, transportation, textile manufacturing and many more.

For complete details on Thermoid® hoses or our other products, visit www.hbdthermoid.com.

Industrial Pulley Puller provides portable hydraulic pullers for removing gears, sprockets, bearings, pulleys, wheels and other press-fit parts from shafts. The puller models range from 8 to 100 tons of pulling force. Contact Industrial Pulley Puller for additional information or visit the Pulley Puller web site.


   REFLECTIVE FRA 224 - IDMC Is A     Distributor Of Reflexite
  DECALS - Full Car Sets, Restencil Sets Or      Anything In Between
   RESTENCIL MANAGEMENT - Let IDMC     Manage Your Restencil Project. We Provide     All Materials And Labor!


Manufacturer and Supplier of Embedded Track Work Components; Rail Boot, Pip-Plates, Inserts, Steel and Plastic Ties, Electrical Components and Gauge Support Fixtures. Please visit our web site for more informatiuon on these and other products.

J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. is a Full Marine Construction Service Providing:
Underwater Bridge Inspections,
Underwater Bridge Repairs,
Scour and Erosion Control,
Structural Repairs To Bridges,
New Bridge Construction,
Millwright Work,
Pile Driving,
Concrete Repairs,
Timber Repairs,
and Protective Fence Construction and Repairs.

Loram manufactures equipment and provides a full-service approach to maintenance services. Loram's product line covers self-propelled rail grinders, ditch cleaners, shoulder ballast cleaners, undercutters, rail handling equipment and rail-mounted excavator/vacuum.

MacBone Industries Ltd. manufactures air conditioning products being utilized for heating, cooling, ventilating and pressurizing the operator's cab on railroad maintenance of the way machines. The MacBone product line includes two air conditioner types, a rooftop model, and a vertical model for installation on a cab sidewall, as well as an auxiliary air filter to prefilter outside air before it is brought into the cab, and a cab pressurizer, which forces filtered air into the cab, maintaining a positive pressure to keep contaminants out.

MAC Products Inc. provides electro/mechanical products for use in electrified transit systems and locomotive propulsion systems. We manufacture a wide array of electrical components for use in the transmission of power to third-rail and catenary systems, and we produce high-quality products for heavy rail, light rail and people-moving systems

Please visit our web site to learn what MAC Products can do for you.

Macton designs and manufactures state-of-the-art lifting and positioning equipment to meet the demanding challenges of today's rail and bus maintenance facilities. Products include: car hoist systems, turntables, portable jacks, truck repair hoists, drop tables and sanding systems. Contact Macton for cost-effective solutions to maintain your fleet.

MEC Rail a division of Mass Electric Construction Co.

Full service contractor specializing in railroad signal and communications installation and maintenance, nationwide. Staffed with well-experienced senior Class 1 signal personnel, dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. A 71 year old division of one of the nations largest construction companies.

  Milrail Inc specializes in the supply and design of Transit, Locomotive, Signal, and Power cable.
  As a value-added manufacturer we competitively build cable assemblies to meet customer specifications from Traction motors leads to complete Locomotive wiring packages.
  Milrail is a supplier of Track Lubricators, Track Drills, Drill Bits, Heat Tracing Pads, Cable Identification Systems, Signal Bonds, Track connections, Grounding Studs for transit cars, Conduit systems, Connectors Road/Rail Vehicles, Heat-shrink cable accessories.
  Milrail Inc. offers a full line of Road/Rail vehicles, Track Drills, Drill Bits, Track Lubricators, and Grease

Monroe Engineering provides sand handling systems and replacement weatherproof components such as sand nozzles, hose, adapters, clamps, dust arrestors and delivery spouts. Contact Monroe Engineering or visit the Monroe web site.

The Okonite Company has emphasized service to the railroad industry since its founding 125 years ago.
Today, from the standpoint of products, research and development, production capabilities, engineering and service facilities, Okonite remains the best equipped of all cable manufacturers to supply the particular needs of the railroad industry.
are reflected in thousands of machines nationwide.

Power Pusher Division of Nu*Star, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of walk behind battery operated tugs made for pushing and pulling wheeled loads weights up to 150,000 lbs.

With over 23,000 units sold world wide, PowerPusher has become a reliable and cost effective load moving solution that delivers tangible Productivity and Safety benefits in a wide variety of applications for the Rail Industry.

Whether you need to move Railcars, Bogies, Wheel Sets, and with our special designed attachment PowerPusher is used in many repair yards for moving dollies from under railcars. Visit our website to see what PowerPusher can do for you.


Our full range of integrated products and services provide our customers with one-stop shopping, making us one of North America's leading suppliers to the rail and transit industries. We provide Trackwork, Rail Welding, Crossing Signals, Maintenance of Way Equipment, Railcar and Locomotive repair, Wheels, Axles, Bearings and Parts, and Railcar and Metals Recycling. CONTACT US TODAY and put the power of Progress to work for you!

Railpro's main office and warehouse are located in Louisville, Kentucky area, central to all U.S. destinations, and is a supplier of composite grade crossing materials.

The Railway Supply Group

1. Unity Railway - AAR Certified freight car parts
2. Davanac, Inc. - Freight car parts, maintenance of way supplies
3. Industry-Railway Suppliers, Inc. - Maintenance of way equipment & supplies
4. IRECO LLC - Engineered parts for freight cars

Railway Supply Group comprises specialized companies uniquely qualified to respond to the more demanding requirements of today's rail freight operations. With nearly 40 years of experienced service and innovative engineering, Railway Supply Group can help keep your business moving forward.


Maintenance of way equipment and supplies: hydraulic track jacks, car mover/rescue vehicle, multi-purpose track and maintenance vehicle, road/rail cranes, track laying/bridge laying and wrecking cranes, road/rail equipped trailer, track vacuum refuse collector, plastic cable channels, laser track measuring devices, azobe hardwood ties, elastic rail fasteners, rail aligner. Located in Atlanta, GA.

R & W Machine Division,
Werner Industries, Inc.

Iron Horse Services blends an old world work ethic with state-of-the-art computerized equipment to deliver dependable, cost-effective railway services including:
Locomotive Combos, Locomotive Wheel Sets, Locomotive Traction Motors, and Combo and Wheel Shop Services.

Railroad Industries Incorporated (RII) is a full service transportation consulting firm. RII has been assisting Shippers, Carriers, Investors, Ports and Development Agencies on rail issues and projects for 25 years. Including Operations, Rates, Equipment, Track, Market development, Training and Safety, Contract negotiations. Feasibility studies, Industrial Development, New facilities, Expert witness, Evaluations, Due diligence, Forecasting, Traffic analysis, Strategic planning, Contract Switching.

     Railwel Industries, Inc.
Railwel is a producer of Calorite Thermite Welds, Rail Maintenance Hand Tools and Accessories, a Distributor of Gasoline Powered and Hydraulic Hand Tools and a Leader in Field Welding. Visit our web site to learn more about Railwel.

Delineators: The Reidler Decal Corporation is the largest supplier of delineators to comply with the FRA 224. Same day shipments with an outstanding price structure

Decal kits for all types of cars & Locomotives are available. All materials are manufactured precisely to AAR specifications & carry the 3M Warranty.

Logos & striping patterns can be designed for you by our art department & can be made in a wide range of reflective and nonreflective colors.

Security, trespass and maintenance of way signage is manufactured on vandal resistant non rusting materials in booth reflective and nonreflective formats.

Surrette Battery Company is one of North America's leading lead-acid battery manufacturers and makers of premium Railroad & Diesel Starter batteries.

At an ISO registered production facility in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Surrette manufactures a full range of Rolls batteries for the Railroad industry. With complete distribution throughout North America, and customers around the World, our batteries are considered the best and toughest for the specific markets we serve.

Visit www.rollsbattery.com for more information

ZTR's control system and infrastructure maintenance solutions improve the performance of your existing railroad assets while decreasing your maintenance costs.

Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions with ZTR's SmartStart® Automatic Engine Shutdown/Startup (AESS) idle reduction technology. Our railroad-hardened anti-idling systems are saving railroads over 1.5 million gallons every month. Its' performance cannot be matched by any manual shutdown policy - the benefits prove it!

Improve Locomotive Tractive Effort with ZTR's NEXSYS II microprocessor-based solution for higher horsepower locomotives with AC alternators. On low horsepower locomotives with a DC main generator, the BOA (Bolt On Adhesion) system can provide significant improvement in tractive effort.

Transit Infrastructure Maintenance Service will help reduce your Transit downtime and maintenance costs with a service solution that identifies infrastructure problems and recommends changes.

Visit our web site to learn how ZTR Control Systems can help improve your efficiency, reduce costs, and make your footprint greener.